Hamish Mackay & John Priestley – Sun, Moon & Planets Influencing Plants & Animals

Using the Planting Calendar to optimise production is part of a One Day Workshop: An Introduction to BIODYNAMICS: Grazing, Cropping & Horticulture. Astro effects on both farming and human activities have been known for 1000s of years by many different cultures. Understanding and gauging the results through your own observations has led to often simple benefits such as growing straight carrots instead of twisted ones! In fact, there is much to be gained as you’ll discover in this Film as Hannish and John tell you their stories. Everyone is aware that the high and low tides in the sea are the effect of the lunar movement but not everyone is aware of the Astro effects on plants, animals, and us. It costs little to become aware of the Astro effects and what can be gained.
SLC · March 1, 2022

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