Introduction to Soil Organic Carbon

Join hundreds of farmers building soil's fertility by increasing Soil Organic Carbon!   Soil Organic Carbon (Or SOC for short), is the BEST way to increase your farm's soil fertility. However, under many conventional methods, the pathways that build SOC are blocked. Worse then this, conventional methods also cause for SOC loss too!   This Introduction to Soil Organic Carbon class will teach you: What is Soil organic carbon, the Chemical, physical and biological benefits of SOC and how it can make your farm more drought resistant.   In the Soil Organic Carbon Masterclass, you'll learn:
  • What is Soil Organic Carbon?
  • The Chemical, Physical and Biological benefits of SOC
  • How SOC can make your farm drought resistant.
Teale · August 15, 2022

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Fifth-generation Hawkesbury farmer Teale Simmons has co-founded MetaFarms, all while studying agricultural science at the University of Sydney. With a strong family history in the agriculture and farming industries, Teale has an unrivalled understanding and tenacious devotion to regenerative agriculture and environmental advocacy. Teale is the founder of Agresol, a regenerative agriculture consulting startup, as well as the Agriculture Explained YouTube channel, developed as an answer to a lack of resources discovered through his own recently completed HSC studies. Teale is passionate about restoring degraded soils and rejuvenating barren landscapes back to productive fertile agro-ecosystems, all starting with the regeneration of MetaFarm. Teale is trained in developing regenerative agro-ecosystems through John Kempf’s Regen Academy, with a focus on highly accurate plant nutrition management and soil health.

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