4 Best Houseplants For Indoors

Who would have thought that houseplants would become a craze?

Apparently, they’re extremely popular right now (and, for the most part, a lot easier to take care of than a pet…or a kid!) It stands to reason that people fare obsessed with houseplants right now. When life is limited mostly to your house or the indoors, houseplants are a great way to add life, vibrancy, color and even health benefits into your home, when it would otherwise be drab.

Houseplants may lift your spirits mentally and emotionally, giving you a little dose of natural surroundings right within your home— which is shown to help you reach a calm and stable state of mind. But they also have surprising physical and health-related effects on your wellbeing, too. How?

There are tons of different kinds of houseplants that require very little care, attention, and even watering to grow and thrive— and these have their own special wellness boosting properties, too.

After studying and reading up on the best houseplant choices here are the best ones we have found.

  • Spider plant. Some estimate this spiky little guy can purify about 95% of known toxins from the air. We are not sure that the science on these kinds of claims is thorough, but frankly, accurate data on a percent of filtration is not relevant to our decision of having one in my home. The main reason we like them: they hardly need any care! You can overwater, underwater…doesn’t matter. The spider plant will thrive!
  • Aloe vera. This desert plant needs virtually no water— all it needs is the sunniest spot in the house. You can cut leaves off and use the inner gel as a dry skin and minor burn soother. Aloe also helps remove formaldehyde from the air, to boot!
  • Rubber plant. Eye-catching and the furthest thing from needy, rubber plants have enormous leaves that do something quite special: they pick up dust, mold, and animal hair so you don’t have to breathe it. Instead of dusting all over, just dust the leaves of your rubber plants!
  • Ferns. Ferns are beautiful, low-maintenance, and bring amazing vibes to just about any home. They also can contribute to better humidity indoors, which can boost the quality of dry, stale indoor air— especially if you’ve got those dry, stuffy sinuses or you absolutely hate humidifiers.

We will always still recommend getting outside into Nature as often as possible. Nothing beats time in the forest, on a hike, or sitting by a river but you can also turn your home into a jungle! There is really no downside.

Only the possibility of increased mental, emotional, and physical health. 🙂


Ref: www.earthconsciouslife.org