5 Reiki Precepts which are Guidelines to Aid Students in their Journey Toward Spiritual Development

Here are the 5 Reiki precepts which are guidelines to aid students in their journey toward spiritual development. Mikao Usui taught them as early as 1915, where they were chanted three times at the end of their regular meetings. The percepts perhaps originally were from the Meiji Emperor’s Imperial Rescript on Education.*

‘For today only’ – is to keep you in the present, the Now, if the precepts are practiced in the present moment they are practiced in each and every moment of the practitioners life. The present moment is all we really have, to make it the primary focus of our lives is the discipline.

‘Do not anger’ – a basic Buddhist principal. Anger hurts those around us as well as ourselves. It is an empty practice which generally brings further emptiness.

‘Do not worry‘ – an obvious one, it causes stress on all levels and is unhealthy for our bodies and mind and thus our spirit. It lowers the immune system opening the practitioner up to the possibility of illness. To worry is lack of faith. Fearfulness is a reaction that does not trust the universe to provide what is best for the practitioner.

‘Be humble’– thankfulness and gratitude permeates every aspect of our lives. Thoughts will then be of a life of abundance, rather than want. The importance of material circumstances will no longer be the gauge that existence is based on.

‘Be honest in your work’– is asking the practitioner to be truthfully dedicated to spiritual progress by not becoming a spiritual materialist. Understanding the consequences of our thoughts, beliefs, actions, forces us to become honest to ourselves at a much deeper level. Genuine complete healing requires honesty with oneself and ones world. An inability to be honest obstructs healing and the ability to forgive. Honesty and forgiveness retrieves and restores our energy, our spirit from the energy dimensions of the past.

‘Be compassionate’ to yourself and others’- Reminding us that we are all interconnected in oneness on this beautiful earth, to understand and experience the peace this brings.

‘Do Gassho every morning and evening keep in your mind and recite’

Gassho is the placing of both palms together in front of the chest. It is a sign of respect for oneself, the action and the energy. This simple act balances both the mind and body. This is not just to be read but to be lived. When a precepts is broken focus on forgiveness and kindness to yourself. This will then bring you back into focus without the harshness of judgment.


* As a Reiki student I am sharing these 5 precepts with you as I found them uplifting. Helen