9 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

It’s hard to enjoy warm weather when mosquitoes are around. Mosquito bites can be itchy, painful and cause Ross River Fever. Instead of buying creams and sprays with harmful ingredients, turn toward nature.

These nine plants can naturally protect you from mosquitoes.

  1. Citronella

Citronella grass will cover up scents that attract mosquitoes. But since it can grow up to 5 or 6 feet tall, make sure you have space! Growing this plant is a safer alternative than lighting citronella candles.


  1. Rosemary

Humans might like the smell of rosemary, but mosquitoes hate it. Keep some on your windowsill or herb garden. You can even add a few stem to your table


  1. Basil

All kinds of basil can ward off mosquitoes. It can even keep away flies. This herb loves the sun but can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


  1. Marigold

Marigolds give off a scent that mosquitoes don’t like. In fact, farmers even use marigolds to make a border around their crops. They’re also one of the easiest plants to grow.


  1. Lavender

Known for its lovely scent, lavender is another natural repellent. It’s also pretty to look at! Lavender also loves the sun and doesn’t need to be watered often. They’re great if you don’t have a green thumb.


  1. Catnip

Catnip is a type of mint that will drive mosquitoes away. But if you have a cat, keep in mind that it will try to play with the catnip. This herb can also attract stray cats, so be careful where you place it.


  1. Chrysanthemum

Also known as “mums”, these colorful flowers are easy to care for. They can also be used as border plants like marigolds. Aside from mosquitoes, mums can also keep fleas and ticks away.


  1. Venus Flytrap

If mosquitoes and other bugs sneak into your home, a Venus flytrap can save the day. This carnivorous plant thrives best in tropical climates and loves the sun. It will naturally feed itself, so don’t try to force it.


  1. Peppermint

The powerful smell of peppermint can also help. It works well in a windowsill herb garden next to rosemary, catnip, and basil. Water it lightly every day.

You can also make a mosquito repellent with the herbs on this list. Just crush up the leaves and mix with coconut oil or another natural lotion. Citronella can also be used for this purpose.