A Few Small Steps For Bigger Returns

Did you know that in 1986, Pat Riley, the then coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, applied a simple, yet incredibly powerful strategy in order to win the NBA Championships?

He asked each of his players to improve their skills in 5 critical areas by just 1% over their personal best. Although at first glance, 1% may not seem a big improvement, he figured if 12 players improved by 1% in 5 areas, the combined improvement is a massive 60%!

Here’s what actually happened. Most players increased their performance by 5%, and some by as much as 50%. According to Pat Riley, 1987 was their easiest season ever.
Now, let’s think about that for a moment…

What if you applied that same formula to your farm? What if right now you were given you on a silver platter “7 Farming Secrets” that you can apply to 7 key areas of your farm, easy to tap in to profit centres, and a simple idea or two to make each profit centre a little more profitable?

Now that’s not asking too much, is it? Just tiny incremental improvements can amount to massive improvement in profits. Even for the laziest of you, this should be easy to achieve. But it gets even better. Did you know that you can DOUBLE YOUR RETURNS if you increase these 7 areas by a mere 11%? Amazing, but true.
In fact, we’ve proven that they work. The only thing stopping them working for you, will be you.

Here’s some simple steps that cost little money and yet can give you enormous bottom line returns:

Farming Secret 1: Stock performance: Huge turn around by introducing inexpensive minerals
Farming Secret 2: Drenches: Minimised or eliminated after remineralisation of stock
Farming Secret 3: Weeds: Reduced and variety of pasture species broadened by increasing soil biology
Farming Secret 4: Fertilizers: Reduced or eliminated by feeding the soil microbes
Farming Secret 5: Soil: Depth increased by getting the soil structure in balance for healthy plant growth
Farming Secret 6: Pests: Repelled or eliminated by healthier plant growth
Farming Secret 7: Water: Run off reduced by better soil structure and contained in the soil

There are heaps more ways to increase your returns while also increasing your farm’s viability.

You will have noticed that all these “Secrets” are about working with nature to let her do her work. For decades now, modern industrial farming has restricted and hampered Mother Nature doing her work in the quest for bigger, better and higher yields to stay viable. Big is better or get out is the mantra! Plants and therefore animals have also become more and more reliant on chemicals which are costing you more and more just to keep production going. However these days with the rising costs of fuels and thus the increasing costs of chemicals it is harder to make ends meet. Farmers are being forced to rethink and look for more viable options.

So let’s get cracking. After all, you’re here to make your farms more healthy and sustainable while getting better returns and to improve your bottom line. And if we’re not mistaken, you’re keen to work less and spend more time with your family.

What is the one area that you will focus on to take the one small step that will make the biggest difference to your return?