Bread From Stones

Since Julius Hensel’s “Bread From Stones” thousands of books and research papers have been written yet the effect on agriculture has not been as high as it ought to be. Why?

On the previous Gold Nugget we made mention about how Julius Hensel firmly established that the selection of common rock materials, both virgin and sedimentary ones, when finally ground produce crops that are healthy, robust, and mineral enriched therefore trouble-free.

So why aren’t all farmers doing just that, especially when these simple, basic, natural products are easy to use and are relatively cheap? These simple basic materials can solve most, if not all, of the problems in the soil and in animal health. They work in harmony with nature’s design to produce excellent mineral rich foods leading to strong healthy growth.

The simple answer is commercialization. How can you charge heaps when everyone else can access the same product? You can’t! You have to create your own proprietary lines and do lots of tests and trials to prove why yours are better. Then you have to spend a lot of money promoting your product to make sure that farmers have to have your product and will keep on using it. For companies not only need to create their own products but these products have to be used repetitively in order for the company to stay viable. So we find an array of products customized to address every farming need and with new and improved ones flooding the market every year.

However you need to watch out for commercial synthetic products! Most commercial products hamper the complex functioning of the plants and the soil. Tests and trials may be done but do these tests report an increase a diversity of soil life or of the biomass or of reducing the need for ongoing applications of X or Y?

Plant and soil science is very complex and the work of the rhizosphere, which is the zone of bacteria and fungi, connects the plant roots to the minerals in the soil is also very complex. The rhizosphere relies on humus – a chemical formula for it has not yet been documented it is so complex. The phytosphere is the complex leaf surface zone where leaf tissues and protective bacteria connect the leaf to the atmospheric gases like carbon dioxide and atomic particles. A healthy rhizosphere and healthy phytosphere protect the plants from disease and most insect attacks.

When you use a sophisticated product which damages, hinders or does nothing to help the functioning of the rhizosphere or phytosphere, it often leads to another problem yet to be fixed up with another proprietary world researched and trialed product! In fact using a product to enhance growing or to reduce damage can in fact cause future problems and cost you not only more money but often lead to inferior produce to boot.

So despite thousands of books and research papers that have been written to endorse Julius Hansel’s initial findings and to expand on them, the message is still not in the mainstream.