Cancer and the Immune System – from Useless To The Great New Hope

There is a change in how cancer is being treated over the last 50 years. When my father was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1969 there was little that the doctors could do or offered. The only advice to the family was not to tell him that he had cancer as it would affect him adversely. So for the next 2 years my father kept going to work, kept up his social activities at his beloved bowling club while all the time losing weight and eventually not looking and feeling well. He suddenly died at the age of 60 a few days after he was told not to drive. My family were relieved that his illness was not prolonged and celebrated his life.

How different is today and the world of cancer treatment?

When I think of my father he would have been offered at least chemo and/or radiotherapy and maybe surgery. Would that have ‘cured’ him or extended his life? Who knows but at least from my point of view he continued his life pretty much as he had for most of the time enjoying his garden, his work, family and friends. It was about the same time when Ian Gawler, cancer survivor, was seeking alternative ways to recover from cancer: nutrition advice from Pat Coleby, meditation with Ainslie Meares who was labelled a ‘quack’, going overseas to visit ‘wonder’ healers, learning about magnets, energy lines and many other natural ways to support his body.

Underlying all this was the hypothesis that cancer could be reversed by activating and targeting his immune system. This was ridiculed by mainstream medicine and so for many years mainstream cancer treatments did pretty much the opposite. Chemotherapy, while designed to kill the cancer cells also unfortunately killed the healthy cells, whereas radiotherapy targeted the specific cancerous area which is hard to target due to the nature of the cancer growth.

Hugo’s cousin’s husband, John Sullivan, was a leading Melbourne oncologist who often shared the stage with Ian Gawler and knew of Ian’s natural approach. When we asked about Ian’s ways, John would reply that he was trained as a specialist to use drugs to solve the problem and held great faith in the latest drugs. Unfortunately they didn’t ‘save’ my sister-in-law nor countless friends and acquaintances but today they just might. Why? Today’s drugs are aimed to activate the immune system and target specific cancers. Still in the early days these treatments are unpredictable and still hugely expensive up to $150K annually but there is hope with the recognition of the role a healthy immune system plays.

Everyone should be aware that they can learn how to do this for themselves. As Ian says this is basic. It is relatively cheap, benefits your body, is free of side effects and is empowering. Therapeutic nutrition, meditation, guided imagery, etc.

There is also access to up-to-date discussions and treatments that Ty Bollinger offers online to share the latest research on cancer. We have bought both his series and love what he has shared and the stories from around the world. More at:

We acknowledge Ian for initiating our Gold Nugget and alerting us to this paradigm shift in cancer healing. The farming world is not far away from public acknowledgment that supporting a healthy soil food web is the way to restore healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy human beings.