Eating Organic or Nutrient Dense Food could be the Answer to the Obesity Epidemic Many Experts Report

Government body studies have shown in the UK and Australia that nutritional values of basic food has decreased by some 50% since 1950 so the proportions size that once produced sufficient nutrients no longer does so.

The term “empty foods” describes these foods. Data shows that “since the 1930’s, the mineral content of milk and cheese has declined by about 70%, beef steaks contain 55% less iron, and the magnesium content of milk has fallen by 21% … A (recent) study … in UK found that organic produce contains higher levels of compounds thought to improve health and combat disease. The results were startling – organic vegies contain 40 percent more of these beneficial compounds, while organic milk had 90 per cent more nutrients than conventional milk.” (Leanne Hudson When LessisMore)

So we are trending to pile more on our plate which increases the kilojoule intake because the food is less satisfying. “If you eat nutrient dense foods you crave smaller amounts, as your body is satisfied with less. Forget hollow foods as they make you hungrier.” says Barbara Byrne who has established Oracle Organic food and beverage company. “If I wanted to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight I’d certainly be putting more organically produced food into my system”

Farmers are the main food providers to the people of the world.
It makes a lot of sense in every way to produce high quality nutrient dense food.

Much of the food people eat is not nutrient dense. Food is bought for the convenience.
It is packaged, canned, pre cooked, processed in many different ways and then preservatives added. Much of the foods consumed are hollow. Then often at home further processing and cooking of the food reduce the food values further. For it is common to cook our foods using microwave ovens, barbecues, deep fryers and other methods that are harmful.

Another trend is the commercial production of low fat goods. People are choosing these low fat goods thinking that they will lose weight. They have turned away from real butter, milk and cheeses that when produced organically have the very fats that your body needs! As we stated in an earlier Gold Nugget: only eat what your grand mother would have eaten – it’s a good rule of thumb. (For further reading go to Weston A Price website)

Lots of consumers have become aware of the poor level of nutrients in the food they buy. It’s no wonder that these people are turning to organics which has become the fastest growing food sector in the world. Although you may pay more, you are actually getting more for your money as you are buying real vitamins and minerals.