How To Make A Natural & Very Effective Flea & Tick Powder For Your Pets – Part 2

Anti-Flea And Tick Recipe…

  • 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (remember to omit this for cats and kittens!)
  • half a cup yarrow powder
  • half a cup neem powder
  • 1 cup of food Grade Diatomaceous earth


Simply mix all of the above-listed ingredients together in a jar with a shaker lid. Sprinkle on to your pet along its spine all the while brushing the fur in the opposite direction to ensure the powder makes close contact with the skin. Also rub it onto their belly, legs and tail always ensuring that it soaks into the skin.

It can help to rub in with a powder puff or cotton wool pad. Take care to avoid any contact with their eyes and nose.

When this is being applied as prevention once a month, it should keep your pet bug free throughout the spring and summer period when fleas are most prevalent. However, following a bath, or when they go out in the rain, it you be should reapplied amply.

If the remedy is applied to treat an active infestation, then apply it every other day until you can no longer see any of the fleas. Then just apply as above for maintenance purpose. It is important to also treat your entire home to prevent re-infestation in there.

You can apply the same powder to pet bedding, soft furnishings, windowsills and floors. Just apply a light dusting to these areas and leave it overnight. Use your vacuum cleaner the following day. Repeat everything once a week for a month.