Is there a Link Between Our Modern Day Diet and the Decline of Good Health and Increase in Debilitating Diseases?

Use of lead pipes and lead cooking vessels is given as one reason for the decline of ancient Rome.

Just as the Romans were largely unaware of the insidious effects of lead in their food, wine and water the general population is unaware of the damage of a modern day diet. We now know many centuries later that the ingestion of lead by the Romans over time caused brain and kidney damage, gastrointestinal symptoms, anemia, neurological symptoms, depressed sperm count and increased risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight and impaired mental development.

Sound familiar? According to Weston A Price foundation “The plant-based, low fat, low-salt diet enshrined in the USDA dietary guidelines is contributing to chronic disease, digestive disorders, infertility and increasing developmental problems in our children; yet few are aware of the relationship between these dictates and the steady decline in our health. If followed, these guidelines are a lead pipe cinch for increasing infertility, fatigue, learning disorders and all manner of illness, which sap the lifeblood of our society and will result in its inevitable decline. (Whilst) (t)he Committee admits that most people don’t adhere to their strictures, but prefers that we indulge in processed foods made with industrial fats, specifically warning against eggs, bacon and cheese.”

We have all seen the proliferation of low fat, low salt food labeling appearing on our processed goods, even McDonalds have joined the bandwagon. Unfortunately this not only encourages consumers to eat these foods in the mistaken belief that a) these foods are actually better for you and b) you will not put on weight when you do eat them. However consumers have been taught to worry rather about their cholesterol levels and to avoid hardened arteries fearing heart attacks and diabetes. These concerns are fair enough but are not addressed by adopting low fat, low salt diets. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Both saturated fat and salt are two key nutrients to brain function and are needed for healthy functioning bodies.

What then should we be eating? According to Weston A Price follow the principles of healthy, nutrient-dense diets which includes four food groups: animal foods including dairy; grains, legumes and nuts; fruits and vegetables; and healthy fats. There is an excellent reference book: Weston A Price’s own book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration as well as Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

Also there is a fairly new group that has sprung up in Australia: Nourishing Australia started by Vicky Poulter (see attachment) The group also is an advocate of Weston A price and intends “to have a directory of real food sources and local contacts around Australia to link consumers with suppliers including local farmers”. Their belief is that “Healthy farms start with healthy soil which means farming without artificial fertilisers and chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides etc. and with soil biology. If soils have been degraded then Regenerative agriculture can restore them” *


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