Is Your Body Alkaline?

Just like your soils functioning better around a pH of 6.5 – 7.5, our bodies also function better with a pH of 7 or more. It is important that our bodies are alkaline as many common problems such as arthritis and cancer thrive in an acidic body.

We have had many conversations lately with folks who have various discomforts such as stiff joints, feeling sluggish or being allergic to certain foods or to their environment and so on. Our first thought is to ask about their diet.

So how do you become alkaline?

What we have been practicing is having lemon juice and warm water first thing in the morning. Hugo also takes a swig of apple cider vinegar. He then picks me half a dozen or so dandelion leaves because they are renowned for liver cleansing and a myriad of wonderful health benefits. We have been avoiding all WHITE food i.e. Sugar and flour in particular and also a reduction of caffeine and wine intake as they cause acidity as well as meat. I also drink up to 2 litres of spring or filtered water daily.

When I check my pH levels first thing in the morning I find that I am usually at least a reading of 7 which is great.

So how do you become acidic? Stress, poor diet, too much exercise.

Firstly it is suggested that you do a detox


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