Let Us Give Thanks for Our Dogs By Amber Keiper

In the spirit of gratitude, here are 5 reasons why we should be thankful for our dogs:

1. Dogs give us unconditional love, regardless of whether we deserve it or not. When others fail us, our dogs stick around and are loyal to the end.

2. Dogs encourage us to stay healthy. They teach us that a healthy diet and daily exercise is the right recipe to living a long and healthy life. (That’s also why we feed them only what they would find for themselves in centuries gone by, right?)

3. Dogs remind us to make time to play. This is very important, especially since we are all so busy these days. There always seems to be something to do!

4. Dogs give us comfort when we’re sad. Whether you had a bad day on the farm or at work or just received some bad news, our dogs know when we could use some extra comforting in the form of a sympathetic paw on the knee or a lick on the face.

5. Dogs remind us to forgive. Perhaps the most important reason of all, dogs forgive us of our faults. They forgive us when we leave them home alone, when we chastise them, or when we’re too busy to realise they need our attention.

Tonight, when you are sitting down for your dinner giving thanks for all the good things that the day has brought to you, don’t forget to include a little “thank you” for being blessed with a loyal doggie friend.

We are forever thankful for Tigger who is always pleased to see us, is hilarious when stalking her ball or gathering her ball with not one but two sticks in her mouth! At night she happily flakes out in front of the fire or flops on top of us, always ready for a cuddle and a pat. She just is the best dog ever!


Inspired at Thanksgiving by Amber Keiper is the Marketing Assistant and Raw Diet Educator for BARF World Inc.