Make Sure You Know What You Are Eating

Apart from growing your own food or knowing who does, you will never know what you are really eating. As what we eat contributes to a healthy body we should be ensuring that we are indeed eating nutrient rich food not just a mouthful of empty food.

This is very simple but important!

Real food almost always has the following characteristics:

  • Grown
  • Variable quality
  • Spoils fast
  • Requires preparation
  • Vibrant colors, rich textures
  • Authentically flavorful
  • Strong connection to land and culture

“Food products,” meanwhile, tend to have these traits:

  • Produced, manufactured
  • Neat, convenient
  • Always the same
  • Keeps forever
  • Instant results
  • Dull, bland
  • Artificially flavorful
  • No connection to land or culture

Food products may be quick and even save on the dishes but always ask yourself before taking a bite:
Is this food worth eating? Do I really know what’s in it? How do I know that it isn’t harmful?

Hugo and I completed a course called: Beyond Fitness. Over 12 weeks we were required to list the ingredients of every piece of food we ate and then work out the calories, carbohydrates and approximate percentage of each. It wasn’t long before we stopped eating “Food Products” as we realised we didn’t have a clue what we were eating!

We still rarely eat out now for the same reason.


Ref: Inspired by Organic farm share. For more visit: