Nutrient Dense Pasture and Fodder Food is Vastly Better for Your Livestock

How do you know if that’s what you are growing?

Just as nutrient dense produce coming off the farms keeps the consumers healthier, the same can be said for livestock. Nutrient dense paddock feed and produce for livestock keeps stock healthier. They cost less to maintain and deliver more profit to the farmer while being relatively free from problems.

So how do you know if you grow nutrient dense produce?

Let’s take cereal crops.
The most obvious indications that nutrient dense crops show are:-
Withstand weather extremes better during the growing period – excessive dryness, water logging, frost, stand up better after hailstorms.
Resist insect and fungal attack. Have higher yields
The finished crop will have higher nutritional values for stock. Stock does better on them. Dairy and lot feeders can tell. The grain density is higher. Grains are sought after by flour millers.

Now let’s look at paddock feeds.
When paddock feed is nutrient dense the farmer notices:
Livestock graze for shorter periods and so spend more time resting. Less paddock feed is consumed.
There are none or minimal metabolic problems.
Better conception and birthing rates with less problems. No mothering problems and bouncing offspring. Marketable weight reached earlier.
Less drenching

What makes up nutrient dense produce?

It’s when a plant is allowed to fully express itself when it grows in a biologically active diverse mineral rich soil. When farmers attain such soils then their farming becomes far less stressful and far more satisfying as the rewards are many.
We have only touched on a few of the many, many benefits gained from growing nutrient dense pasture and fodder food.