Practical Gentle Change

By addressing your health on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual,
every aspect of you is acknowledged and respected…
You are not simply viewed as a body or just a collection of moving parts,
but as a whole being, a wonderful soul having a creative physical experience.

Practical Gentle Change

All change involves healing & release on some level, whether it is intentional, or just happens naturally…. in your physical health or emotional state, in your energy field, or in your current life circumstances such that you are brimming with physical vitality and creating a life which makes your heart sing.

People often seek ‘therapy’ because there is a problem they want to address However, you may not have a physical illness, or even a clear emotional situation that you wish to work through.

You may want, instead, to create some change in your circumstances or bring a long-time dream to life, or simply to initiate positive changes in your lifestyle habits to help you release patterns which are holding you back, and shed light on the best ways for you to move forward into a life of greater joy and fulfilment.

Remember that you are a being of free will. You are not a victim to your life circumstances, nor to your illness patterns. The power to change and to heal lies with you through physical nourishment, education, energy work, insight, and inner exploration, to create the changes you desire.

The best way to achieve this is by undertaking a gradual process of practical, gentle change.

Whether your goal is to heal from a chronic illness, change your career, or simply feel better about yourself, you will be most successful when you can see a practical and manageable way to move forward. This isn’t always easy, especially at times when many parts of your life are calling for urgent improvement, or at times when you’ve experienced a major unexpected change and feel directionless. The feeling of not knowing where to start can be so overwhelming that you feel fatigued just thinking about it.

Whether you want to improve your body’s metabolic functions, change your diet & lifestyle habits, or develop a healthier way to relate to others, you need to allow each step toward improvement build on the foundation of those before it.

Trying to force your body-mind-spirit into changes it isn’t ready to integrate will only lead to physical or emotional overwhelm. The body can react unexpectedly as it tries to maintain homeostasis in relation to sudden changes in external & internal conditions, and often your ‘inner me’ will also rebel against the feeling of being deprived of pleasures or security-based habits. Both responses can derail your progress, leading to feelings of failure and loss of hope in the possibility of change.

This is why ‘quick-fix’ diets, fanatical exercise regimes, and enforced abstinence from habits, foods, people or situations, rarely help for long. You need to have the mental & physical energy and resources to make conscious choices and willing changes all along the way if you are to heal successfully.