Some Facts to Consider To Regain Control Of Your Health and To Heal Yourself

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, internal stress is caused by deeply held wrong beliefs. These beliefs cause us to interpret circumstances as threatening, when in actuality they aren’t. This wrong interpretation of our circumstances causes the unhealthy activation of what we have come to know as the “fight-or-flight” syndrome.

There are three components of the fight-or-flight syndrome:
1. The autonomic nervous system creates stress so that we can run faster or fight harder, literally to survive the current event.
2. Resources, including blood flow, nutrients, waste removal, and oxygenation, are shifted away from our internal organs, immune system, and higher intellectual functioning and shifted to large muscle groups and the brain stem, where reactive thinking occurs.
3. Individual cells receive an alarm message from the nervous system to shift out of growth and into the self-protection mode. (Cells in growth mode are impervious to illness and disease; cells in self- protection mode are susceptible to illness and disease.)

Dr. Lipton explains that if the body stays in this state long enough, illness and disease are likely to follow. This is the process that creates disease 95% of the time. Dr. Lipton goes on to show that the reason we are getting sicker as a population, even though our technology and research are improving, is because we are going into the fight-or-flight mode daily. Innocuous events such as the phone ringing, driving our car, going to the mailbox, or looking at our checkbook can trigger stress. The body was designed to go into the fight- or-flight mode only when our lives are threatened, and then immediately go back into growth mode when the threat has ended.

We remain in the fight or flight mode so consistently throughout the day because of our false and unhealed mental images and their associated wrong beliefs, which in turn constantly create negative feelings and behavior.

But, where do these wrong beliefs that make us sick come from?

Thoughts are conscious reasoning about something.
Feelings are subjective experiences of something.
Beliefs are interpretations of something.
Behavior is a goal-directed action to achieve something.

These can be destructive memories stored in the heart and can be misinterpreted to threaten us in our current circumstance even when they aren’t really present and yet make us stressed. You can check this for yourself by 1st recalling a loving thought and feel the warm glow throughout your body. Then think of something still painful for you and notice how you feel. Your body will shift your cells into ‘self-protection’ mode and your nervous system into ‘flight or fight’. We all have positive and destructive images which we are simply not conscious to during our everyday activities and these are either healing or damaging our DNA. Research by the Institute of Heart Math shows that we can think our way to health or disease.


Ref: The Healing Codes Dr. Alexander Loyd, N.D., M.S.