Take Control Of Your Health

This week’s Gold Nugget is a personal story which I am sharing as it seems that it has a common thread.

Several weeks ago I was chatting to Roly who is a fellow choir member, He had been away for 3 weeks and on asking he said that he had been sick. Flu? I asked but no, it was his gout that had been playing up.

On visiting the doctor Roly was informed that his acid levels had gone up. The doctor then prescribed medication which whilst it brought his acid levels down has left him imbalanced. I was interested now as I know that diet can control our pH levels and is easily monitored using our Easy pH kit. So my next question to Roly was whether the doctor had discussed his diet with him to which Roly replied “No” and that he was a Type 2 diabetic as well. So naturally I asked him whether he had heard of any of the diets that reverse this condition. I was thinking in particular of the 30 day raw vegetable diet. For Roly this was completely new territory. On further conversation I asked if I brought along our book “The Alkalysing Diet” would he be interested. The answer was a resounding “Yes!”

So the following week I took along the book which Roly received happily. I was keen to encourage him to read it straight away and asked how long he would borrow it for. Roly said that he would have it back the following week.

So… the next week there is Roly beaming. He loved the book and in particular reading about Edgar Cayce whom he found of particular interest. And so would Roly be interested in an Easy pH kit to see if he could control his pH levels himself? I received a clear “No” I am happy with my doctor looking after me whilst all the time thanking me for my concern.

I am relating this story as the theme is all too common. It seems that everyone who has an ongoing problem visits the ‘best’ doctor and is totally unaware of the paradox of their statement. Surely if they were visiting the ‘best’ doctor they would be getting better? Many people seem to have a ‘mechanical’ mind when it comes to ill health and they can be ‘fixed’ by the latest drug which of course has side effects – like Roly’s imbalance.

Hugo and I rarely visit the doctor and if so it is for getting some blood tests done to check our nutrition levels. Our thoughts are that our bodies are just like the soil. If we support our immune system with diet, meditation and exercise then we can heal ourselves. We seek out natural remedies to address the issues that come along. A lot of these remedies are ones that our mother’s used when modern medicine was in its infancy. Many were homeopathic treatments which the pharmaceutical industry has tried to stamp up for the last 100 years. Did you know that in the turn of the century Melbourne had numerous homeopathic hospitals which slowly disappeared when funding was given by the pharmaceutical companies to the universities, there was opposition from the orthodox medical establishments and with the advent of antibiotics. We are now witnessing a return of complementary medicine just as we are seeing a return of biological farming systems.