The 3 Ways People React to Change: Are you non-active, reactive or proactive? Plus, we tell you how to take charge of inevitable change. – Part 2

Easy to say, but how do you choose to be proactive when it’s so easy to freak out or hide under the covers?

  • Acknowledge that change is part of life. Nothing would exist without change. It’s inevitable. We wouldn’t even be born if our parents hadn’t changed (or grown up).
  • Accept your emotions. Tell the truth on yourself to allow all your feelings. Cry the crocodile tears and release the energy as it comes up. Be patient, as it takes time to sort through all your emotions and adjust to change. Too often we skip over this step, shove our emotions down and that ends up slowing us down.
  • Reframe the situation to see the positive. After you process your emotion eg sadness, you can start to dream about the possibilities ahead. You might meet exciting new people, have updated décor in your office and no one would know about that stupid thing you did in the 4th grade!
  • Action is required because decisions, not conditions, determine your path. By deciding to move forward and trust the process, you put your focus on what is available. By taking positive action, you can let go of your fears and move forward believing that everything will work out for the best.

And since change is constant, even if your relationship is failing take the opportunity to explore the steps and choose to be proactive, cry your river of tears, focus on the positive benefits that come from speaking the truth and take the steps to move forward trusting that all your life will eventually change for the better. And they do. It may require that you move.

Remember, every pot needs to be replanted now and again if it’s going to grow. Embrace change and continue to become the person you were always meant to be.


Acknowledgement to: Colette Carlson