The Brain is Involved in Everything You Do – How You Think, Feel, Act

No matter who you are you work better when your brain works better. The brain is involved in everything you do – how you think, feel, act.

The brain is the most complicated organ in the universe. It makes up only 2% of the human body but takes up 20 – 30% of the daily calories you consume. When you are eating the right foods to support a healthy brain you become happy, effective, consistent, reliable and successful. Research shows that when your weight goes up your brain size goes down. Also toxins are stored in the fat leading to increase in estrogen which is a leading cause of male impotence. It is therefore very important that you think about what you eat and restrict your calories and only eat quality food.

Many things can hurt the brain. Drugs, alcohol, obesity, stress, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, negative thinking, smoking, excessive caffeine (caffeine dehydrates the body and the brain is 80% water), high blood pressure, diabetes, high sugar diets, environmental toxins and of course, brain injuries. Low fat diets are bad because 60% of the brain is fat.

Many things can help the brain. Social connections, new learning, great diet, fish oil, vitamins, healthy hormones, green tea, exercise, positive thinking, gratitude, sleep, great relations, high quality carbohydrates, water with a little lemon juice.

Happily you can restore your brain with adopting the correct eating habits. Eat from the rainbow, use herbs and spices in your cooking, especially turmeric, saffron helps relieve depression, garlic, oregano increase the blood flow, use coconut oil or olive oil to fry. And if you want to have a healthy aging, reduce your intake of calories.

You can change your brain to change your age with adopting healthy habits. Stop negative thoughts by writing them down to get rid of them. Every morning write down 3 Gratitudes which leads naturally to positive thinking. Apart from physical exercise, which increases blood flow, mental exercises such as crosswords, sudoku and teasers help keep the brain active.

Today the healthy brain is being severely challenged. It is said that the next generation will have a shortened life span due to unhealthy modern day life environment. A major change since the 60’s is the rapid growth of the processed food industry, lack of fresh food availability, the decline of minerals and vitamins in food produced, increase in high sugar and caffeine sports drinks. The pervasive presence of electric fields from modern home appliances, the proliferation in the use of mobile phones and fast paced living causing stress, etc etc etc !!!!! Many families now do not even sit down to eat together therefore missing out on the important traditional family social time. All these changes are affecting the ability for a healthy long life.

* Ref: Dr Daniel Amen