The Doctor of the Future will Give No Medicine

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas A. Edison

Here are three short selections we have chosen on how removing trapped emotions can aid in relieving and in some cases reversing physical disease and emotional traumas.

Jean’s Bad Knees
Jean has many physical problems with her legs, knees and back and had been told by her doctor who had replaced her hips that she needed knee replacements as they were worn out. After releasing her trapped emotions of resentments, anger and fear, she was able to achieve a physical position where her knees stopped hurting and was able to walk, climb stairs, etc. pain-free for the first time in years. She wrote: “To this day I am basically active and pain-free. This is not to say that arthritis doesn’t come into play as I continue to grow older, but the worn-out knees are still working fine and for that I am grateful”

A phobia is defined as an irrational, persistent fear of certain activities, persons, objects or situations.
Trapped emotions are a significant cause of phobias, perhaps the only cause. The subconscious mind knows what the underlying cause of the phobia is, and each phobia has one or more trapped emotions that are the cause.
A woman had an airplane picture phobia and could not even look upon a picture of an aircraft in a magazine or see one on television without having a severe panic attack. A number of years earlier she had been reading a magazine article about the crash of a passenger jet. The article was accompanied by a photograph of the jet taken just before impact. As she read this article, she was overcome with emotion. She identified strongly with the terrified passengers, and a trapped emotion was created. I released the emotion, and the phobia was instantly gone. She was able to look at airplanes both in photographs and in the sky immediately without any trouble, and her phobia did not return.

Jean’s Painful Ovary
Pain is a way for the body to tell you there is a problem; it’s a warning sign. When Jean suddenly began experiencing acute and severe pain in her left lower abdomen, muscle testing showed that the pain was coming from her left ovary, and that the cause was emotional. Testing resulted in finding not one but six different emotions. Sometimes, more than one trapped emotion will be found nested in the same area, such as in this case. With the exception of the last emotion, all of them had to do with tragic or upsetting events that had occurred in the lives of women that were close to Jean. As each trapped emotion was released it was identified.

Amazingly, her pain level decreased instantly and noticeably with each trapped emotion that was released and her pain level was a fraction of what it had been only moments before.
However her body indicated there was one more trapped emotion which was identified as the feeling of being worthless. She recalled that it related to an event that occurred when she was in kindergarten and had been selected along with a boy to be interviewed by the local paper. She was very excited but when the day came only the boy was interviewed and although her picture was taken she was asked no questions. Gradually it dawned on her how unimportant she was and began to feel worthless. She felt the emotion strongly enough that it became trapped in her physical body.

There are literally hundreds of similar case studies and since Jean Belstead’s course both Hugo and I have identified trapped emotions of which we were not consciously aware of. In fact one for me was one of panic which was created in utero in my mother’s 2nd trimester. I can only surmise that expecting her 3rd baby that she experienced a sense of panic as I was told that she was not physically well when carrying me. I did not identify with the emotion but realize that I had been internalizing this all my life. I don’t any longer


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