The Real Story On Swine Flu… The Behind-the- Scenes Investigation That Won’t Be In The Daily Papers

Again here is more evidence that commercial interests have far more influence on our political system than people’s rights, known as democracy: Government for the people by the people.

For over a year now we have been hearing about the swine flu and the necessity for mandatory vaccination.

At first we were informed that there was a massive epidemic sweeping parts of the world. We then heard of isolated cases in Australia and of people identified with swine flu being quarantined to stop the spread in our country. Following these reports some doctors were recorded as saying that it was a mild infection no worse than other flu epidemics while others supported the case for alarm. The final result was our government ordering 21 million vaccines from the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL). At the time when questioned on the cost to us, the taxpayers, Health Minister, Ms Roxon was unable to put a precise figure on the cost of the vaccine due to “confidentiality issues. We have a private contractual agreement with CSL … it is over $100 million. It is not appropriate for us to be itemising the exact cost, given the commercial interests that are also at stake.

Last September the country’s top infectious diseases body wrote to the Government to warn that the swine flu vaccine was being distributed too hastily, with too many risks for the public. In response Professor Robert Booy of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance said that although the pandemic had faded for now, it could return to Australia’s shores as early as February next year and the country ideally needs more than half the population vaccinated by that time. And guess what? Again we are hearing that we need the vaccine, especially those most vulnerable: pregnant women and young children, before winter sets in.

However the latest news shows that the statistics being used by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA are incredibly over exaggerated and false. Between 83-97% (Florida, California, Alaska, Georgia), of all reported positive Swine Flu cases (used in CDC statistics), were in fact negative for H1N1 Swine Flu. In many western countries the governments are no longer testing for H1N1, all flu like symptoms are being counted as Swine Flu, where is the science in that?

This week our naturopath sent us a report which summed up all the reports that we had been hearing about the swine flu pandemic and that it was nothing more than a giant marketing campaign to promote sales. We have scanned the article Pharma-Media To Squelch EU Council’s Secret Investigation into H1N1 Vaccine Fraud and attached it with this week’s Gold Nugget due to the seriousness of what it contains. It claims that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is being manipulated by the Pharma- Media who also control mainstream news. In the article it states that: “Few people realise the connections between the major drug companies that produce H1N1 vaccines and media moguls who are directors of BigPharma’s leading companies.” The story is both shocking in the true sense and a fascinating one of world control and a total disregard of human civilization and the principles of democracy.