The Science You Want to Get to Know that makes Farming Profitable and Enjoyable

As far as we are concerned, science falls into two categories: one that when used makes life a joy on the farm and one that costs you dearly.

When science and scientific research is directed to unraveling the incredible complex systems in nature such as we find in the soil, you can farm productively and profitably.

When we appreciate and aid the balance of nature and the benefit of this work is revealed to you, you will find that there are many ways to put it into practice on the farm.
Take some problems in the soil like fusarium, phytophthora, root eating nematodes, take-all and cockchafers. They only become a problem when soil gets out of balance and they proliferate – otherwise they all have a useful function in the soil.
So science that helps you get balance in the soil is a God-send, and when applied makes you money.

The other category of science and scientific research is the one that looks at those same problems occurring in nature, but tries to solve these problems by only treating the symptoms.

Usually this area of research is funded by commercial interests who are aiming to develop commercial products to combat and eradicate these problems.
These commercial products do give relief to so called “enemies” albeit temporarily.
Do you notice that the problem mostly comes back and the commercial product has to be used time and time again?
Or that if the problem is resolved, another one comes to take its place?
So you get on the never ending treadmill of using these products on recurring problems.

Which science would you sooner back?
The one that reveals how to get soil balance so the problem doesn’t exist or the one that provides you with costly temporary relief to a problem that keeps recurring?

It’s easy to guess which science Farming Secrets backs!!