Weeds As Messengers – Part 3

“Most people think along the same lines of KILL KILL as in conventional agriculture. I want them to look at WHY the weeds are there and what they are telling them – and how they are trying to help!! Then get some soil tests to see what is going on. Cheryl Kemp

3. Weeds that cover bare land

If land is left uncovered due to land clearing or drought, certain weed species will rush in to cover the land. If it has had bush cleared then you will attract the phosphorus type plants (as above). If it was pasture denuded then whatever is in the seed bank and suitable for the climate at that particular stage will grow. You often see broadleaf weeds with spreading root surfaces grow here so that as much soil as possible can be covered at once.


The first question you must ask yourself is what are you going to cover the land with instead? Is it possible to re-pasture or mulch mow and add grass seed to increase species and change of species?

If the weeds e.g. blackberries, gorse or lantana are on steep or inaccessible hillsides then often the only way out is to clear some smaller areas and plant tree species that will eventually grow to shade out the areas.

Clearing and pulling roots out, then Peppering to stop new growth and replanting and covering the soil is another solution. The Peppering in this instance does not stop or kill the woody plants, but it ensures that future seeds are infertile.


*Ref. Cheryl Kemp Biodynamic Advisor