Your Current Thinking has Got You to Where You are Today

Let’s look at this in terms of producing mineral rich nutrient dense produce.

If you are achieving your goals in this area you are what we would term an innovative and thinking industry leader. You would have developed practices that not only increase healthy soil biology but practices that have increased the profitability and productivity of your farm. Your plants would be obtaining the correct amounts of minerals and trace elements necessary for producing food that is well above the average nutrient levels.

Most likely you have achieved this through a lifetime of observation, trial, talking to other farmers, reading and also attending specialist courses delivered by experts in their field. And above all – THINKING! Most likely you are still looking to uncover more secrets of the soil. One thing is for sure is that you will always be inquiring and searching for how you can do it even better because you are an achiever and a perpetual student.

Then again you may fall in to another group of farmers. Maybe you, like many farmers today, hit the wall and realised that what you were doing just wasn’t working any more. It was costing you more every year just to get the same results or worse still – less returns. This, combined with higher costs of inputs and reduced rainfall and water allocations all led to a shift in your thinking. Or maybe it was just that you or a family member was getting ill from the use of synthetic chemicals in the form of fertilisers, weedicides, pesticides, fungal sprays and chemical drenches and so the list goes on! Whatever the reason, you are now down the track in making the necessary changes to return your soils to true health.

And you may still be in the process of making the shift. And that is what Farming Secrets is all about. Presenting to you the options that are currently available to you and leaving it to you to take the best of those options – for we all have different needs. Knowing that you have options is the first step.

When you can start to see what other farmers are doing and have done to succeed in producing mineral rich nutrient dense produce, it makes it so much easier to see the big picture. You gain confidence when you know that it can and has been done and you can fast track your results too!

Why wait years to get the results that you are striving for? Take full advantage of other farmers who are willing to share their ups and downs, many of which can be avoided when you know the pitfalls ahead.

We are constantly in admiration of the farmers that we are meeting and of farmers we hear about who are taking control of their outcomes so that they can assure their futures. And it all has come from thinking “outside the box” and being willing to step outside their comfort zones in their communities.