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Activity 2: Group Takeaways

Gel September 2, 2021
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As a group discuss the takeaways from the videos and share all your work from the activity. If you need to use the ‘Questions to Ponder’ section to stimulate this discussion, please do so.

Questions to Ponder:

● What is waste? Why does waste exist?
● What are different types of organic and inorganic waste?
● How long can different materials last in a landfill?
● How would it feel to live in a landfill?
● How much consumer waste do you personally create?
● How much waste does my school or household create in a week?
● How do other countries take care of their waste?
● What did people do before plastic was invented for food packaging?
● What are some reusable items you could use to avoid single-use plastics?

Learning Outcomes:

● Learn about American consumer waste and about Flagstaff-specific issues and recycling
● Learn about landfills and where waste goes after you throw it “away”
● Learn where recycling goes after you put things in the blue bin
● Engage with waste creatively at an introductory level


● Learn about your local recycling guidelines specific to where you live. Research your town or
waste provider to see what you can recycle in your area