Nutrient Dense Produce is the Key to Profitable Farming with Immense Satisfaction

Let’s summarise some points on nutrient dense produce.

Work only with consultants and experts who fully understand how to achieve nutrient dense produce.
Be mindful of how critically important soil life is to nutrient density and its symbiotic relationship to minerals, gases and organic matter.
Be familiar with the importance of basic minerals, compost and compost teas and their effect on soil life.
Be aware of the difference between compost tea, compost extract, compost leachates and worm leachates.
Use laboratories that also measure soil life – eg. Bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in your soil sample.
Use laboratories that can analyse your compost. Compost has to be made to have the correct balance of soil life in it to suit your crop particularly the ratio of bacteria to fungi in the compost.
Be aware of what good laboratory tested compost consists of versus decayed/aged/randomly “composted” plant material and animal manures. There is a lot of professional ignorance when it comes to composting many composts are really just good mulch.
Be mindful that free ammonia gives gutless plant growth that attracts insect attack fungi and other problems free ammonia is found in raw manure and manures that have not been fully composted.
Use a brix meter to test progress of your crop and although it is not a fool proof measure of goodness, it is a quick, easy and economical indicator.
Learn the practice of biologically activating inert mineral fertilisers before or after they have been applied.
More is not always better. The balance or what it takes to promote a biological active soil is what matters.
Understand the ratio of bacteria to fungi that is needed in the soil for you particular crop. Understanding and implementing that dramatically increases production and reduces weed problems.
It is far more profitable to strive for nutrient dense crops no matter what crop you are growing and it’s more rewarding. Astute buyers know the difference, whether they be flour millers, bakers, wine makers, butchers, lot feeders, dairy farmers, pig or poultry farmers.
Be aware of the difference between compost tea, compost extract, compost leachates, worm leachates.
Be aware of the symbiotic relationship between cosmic/atmospheric influences, existing
minerals/applied minerals, soil life and the conditions plants require.
Avoid products and practices that hamper or destroy soil life. It is a balanced soil that gives nutrient density in plants.